The Collins Family

Hello friend,

We'd like to give you a brief testimony about the ministry in which God has called us to serve.

We were saved in Vacation Bible School at Zion Hill Baptist Church, on the last Friday night of July in 1974, where we were in church until our family moved in the summer of 1979 to LaFallette, Tennessee, where we began to attend Lakeview Baptist Church. It was there, in my senior year of high school that the Lord began to deal with our heart about preaching His precious Word. I would not surrender my life to Him, so I began to run from God and His call, but every where I went and turned God was already there waiting for me.

Finally after almost losing everything, I threw in the towel and hoisted the white flag of surrender in a fall Revival Meeting at Turtletown Baptist Church in 1991. I told the Lord I'd go anywhere and do anything He asked for the rest of my life, the phone started ringing the following Saturday and hasn't stopped, Glory to His Name!

The fall of 1993 would change our lives forever as we would become the Pastor of Isabella Baptist Church. We had good times and a few not so good, but when all was said and done God gave us the opportunity to Pastor some of the greatest people on earth. While we were there God gave us a Pastor's heart for those people and in the process began to open doors around the country to see the need of other Pastors and their churches. We began to have an old fashioned tent meeting each fall and that was when God began to really burden our heart about the tent ministry.

We went into evangelism in the spring of 1999 with Bro. Bud and Debbie Martin and the Refuge of Grace Academy as their Staff Evangelist. The Martins are dear to our family and we still work very closely with them in the ministry out in Stockton, MO.

In May of 2000 our family came to Central West Virginia to help work on a campground. What was supposed to be two weeks has turned into 11 years and the birth of Over the Mountain Tent MInistry. God has been so good to put people in our lives to help this ministry become what it is today for the cause of Christ. We've seen many saved over the years, preachers called, missionaries called, churches planted, people and Pastors helped to stay in the fight.

We still believe in an ole' fashioned God, who calls men to preach an Ole' Fashioned Bible in an ole' fashioned way, so that He can still draw and save ole' sinners in the ole' fashioned way. A-men!

Please pray for this ministry and our families.

Because of Christ,
Evangelist Boyd D. Collins